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Bill Griffin

 I have been DJ'ing for over 30 years, starting off with friends parties and moved on to mobile disco, with Grant Fisher, we had residencies in local bars etc. I DJ'd at some special events including a stint on a mid week soul night once a month at the Hippodrome with Tony Jenkins and Gordon Mac amongst others.

I was resident in a club in Hammersmith for three years doing a 70's & 80's soul night on Thursday, and a Dance night on Saturday.

More recently I have been DJ'ing at some events on the South Coast, Queens All-Dayer as well as Camp Soul  2012, 2013 & 2014.

I have also been part of the excellent DJ line up at Margate Soul Weekend for the last three years

I have been presenting my show Soul Rejuvenation since Sept 2012, please come and join me every Wednesday 8.00 to 10.00 pm (UK) 

Please feel free to contact me [email protected] 

Twitter @billgriffin43

Instagram billsoulpower

You can find my podcast/listen again options below

Grant Fisher 

I have been DJ'ing for over 30 years, starting off with gigs with Tony Jenkins in and around Uxbridge playing Soul Funk and Jazz. Then moved on to mobile gigs with Bill Griffin. We had residencies in local bars etc- and a regular spot at Jacksons In Staines. I came back to DJ'ing in the late 90's doing Motown parties, and becoming a resident at Ollies/ Club One in Ascot.
More recently I have been DJ'ing at some events on the South Coast, Queens All-Dayer as well as Soul Rejuvenation Nights and Lapstone Alldayer in Southampton.

I have been resident on Soulpower Radio for two years with 50 Shades of Soul - every Thursday 8 - 10 PM

And now Beats, Rhymes & Harmonies Sunday 12.00 to 2.00 pm 

Here is my Mixcloud site for listen again 

Paul Fossett 

DJ Paul Fossett Coming from a musical family and with a life long love of music, Paul started DJ'ing at friends parties at age 15, using vinyl and home made speakers. As soon as he could drive, Paul started playing at weddings and all other kinds of events. Paul also worked as a 'roadie' and sound engineer for some of the top pop/dance bands of the early 80s and worked on tours for some world famous recording artists. Paul also trained as a sound engineer in a leading London recording studio, again working with many house hold names. Into the 90s Paul took a break from music to pursue other interests but kept collecting music. Paul returned to continue his DJ work focussing on high-end functions. Paul is extremely passionate about the music he loves and In April 2014, he joined Soulpower, realising a long held ambition to broadcast the music he loves to a knowledgeable and open audience. Paul enjoys all forms of inspirational black music and his favourite music styles include, Funk, Jazz, Deep and Soulful House, Ambient, Dub, Disco, Jazz-Funk and Jazz-Dance. Paul presents his regular show - 'The Session' featuring 2 hours of Jazz-Funk and Jazz-Dance on Mondays at 8pm. Paul also presents, 'Jazz-Funkin'. the 'Boogie Bus' and 'Sunday Smorgasbord' on an add-hoc basis. Paul spends a lot of time researching the history of his favourite musical genres, always looking for that perfect beat

Andy Beggs 

My interest in Soul started at 15 years old, when I bought my first record, Wayne Gibson’s Under My Thumb. I was always chasing the latest fashions, sounds and nightclubs in my teens and early 20s, and along with my early passion for all things soulful, this went on to include jazz music, and learning to jazz dance at some of the jazz clubs of the day including Wheelers in Henley, The Wag Club, Ronnie Scotts and 322 Euston Road, where the legendary Paul Murphy was regularly behind the decks.There were regular trips on a Saturday to Mole Jazz In London to get the latest Jazz LP’s, before heading to an underground Jazz or Soul club later that night.

I haven’t worked behind the decks all that much, but I bring a passion and knowledge of Soul, Jazz and House music to the station – Soulful house music in particular has motivated me to try and learn the art of beat mixing, a skill i'm slowly looking to perfect. I’ve joined Soulpower radio on the back of successful stints on two other Soul radio stations – My Soul Show is called Souldonuts, and brings you 2 hours of pure soul and rare groove flavours. You can also listen and download previous shows from my podomatic channel

Catch the Souldonuts show every Thursday 18.00 to 20.00 UK.

Steve Brennan 

Steve began his DJ career aged around 14 ...yes almost 20 years ago ha ha The regular DJ at a local youth club couldn't do his usual Saturday night as he had flu ...Steve volunteered to help out and was " in at the deep end" as 300 + people turned up ! He was asked to take over permanently and did it for 5 years . One memorable night was during a total power cut... The mains was hooked up to a massive tractor engine and the show went on ! Next step was the obligatory mobile dj work for many years using TK Discosound , Roger Squires , Citronic kit , upgrading from old faithful amps and speakers to Turner , Cerwin Vega and a beautiful huge Bose system which was light years ahead of its time . Resident DJ at Harpoon Louies Windsor , working with artists including Edwin Starr, Heatwave , Jocelyn Brown , Courtney Pine and many more , Steve also compered many events at Royal Albert Hall , opening night at a major hotel in Dubai , DJ'd in Singapore and even Lapland ! Massive fan of Marvin Gaye , Bill Withers , Jarrod Lawson ...oh and Gregory Porter !

My motto is 'why DJ with one glass of champagne, when two are available' 

You can contact me at [email protected] 

My podcast pages are below

Kevin Muldoon

Hey everyone, Kev Muldoon here, catch me on Sundays at 6pm for the Soul Shack. I first got into DJ'ing in 1989 when I was working in bar when the regular DJ was late, so I was asked to get all his stuff ready and put a few tunes went from there, working in bars and club in and around Southampton. My speciality is Soul, Swingbeat & Hip-Hop from the early 90's, but I have always loved 80's Soul grooves, Jazz-Funk and Deep House Groove. I love getting in the mix and putting tunes together, gives me a real buzz. Being asked to do a show on Soulpower was a real honour for me and has given me new energy knowing that others like and listen to the show. Also the Soulpower boys are an amazing bunch, they really know their stuff and I have learned so much more about this genre of music. Keep it Soulpower x

You can find my podcast here 

Soul Kandi

Been DJing since the days of 78's

Did 25 years of playing pop music as a mobile DJ & thankfully came out of the other end unscathed.

Then turned my attention to my first love, Soul Music in all its forms.

Living in the North West of England meant I went through all the fads & trends of the day.

Motown, Stax, Atlantic in the early days, moving on to Northern Soul for a short while (Although I did re-visit it in the 90's)

Then moving on the THE FUNK (Was always a sucker for the horns).

The late 70's & early 80's (1978 - 1983) was probably my favourite era for music & brings back happy memories of hot summers driving round in my Ford Capri with music blasting on the stereo.

My first foray into radio DJing was in the late 90's playing all kinds of soul but mostly Motown & Northern on The Night Owl Show on All FM in Manchester. Our show was followed by 2 hours of Modern Soul courtesy of my friend & legendary North West DJ Mike Stephens.

Some weeks Mike couldn't do his show & asked me to sit in for him (I still have the recordings somewhere LOL).

Fast forward to 2009 & being asked to become one of the Soul Kandi team. We started putting nights on a numerous venues around Manchester & soon had quite a following.

Became friends with Ex Soulpower DJ Jim Jackson who suggested putting out a live on-line show from our Xmas Soul Kandi night on Soulpower.

The following February the Soul Kandi Show was born on Soulpower (Nearly 5 Years & counting now) We still love doing it as much as the first show.

During the ensuing years I have been fortunate enough to be asked to DJ at Vybe & The Margate Weekend (With Darren) & Also Campsoul on a regular basis & just recently had the honour of playing at The Ibiza Soul Week.

God I wish I was 20 years younger

You can find our podcast here.

Ray New

Got into soul music at the youth club at about 12 years of age! Where James Brown, Motown, Ska etc was the order of the day! Had my first dj gig at the 5th year unit at our school aged 15! They asked me as I had the most records! Got a few guest spots over the years at various venues! Done a bit of radio work in the mid 90's at Radio Victory and Vibe FM (out of Portsmouth Uni) and was part of the Soul Heaven crew going gigs all along the South Coast in the late 90's! Dj'd at Cagneys in Bournemouth, Soul Cellar Southampton, Soul Shoes Southampton, Chisoul Alldayer (the very last one) and Port Soul! And was co organiser and regular dj at The Lapstone alldayers and Soul Rejuvenation nights!

David Lyn

It was never about DJ’ing parse for me when I first began all those years ago in the late 70’s. I started simple because of my love for music and vinyl collecting. It made sense to earn a little money from the tunes I collected and that was always the drive that kept me going. This may be sketchy but my first gig was at a wine bar in Hoddesdon followed by a few guest spots here and there before I was asked to DJ on Caister Soul Weekenders on-site radio. This was the second launch of Caister after Showstoppers changed hands which I think was mid to late 80’s. From there I was given my own slots in the Alternative room and continued till it all came to stop.

During these years I was lucky enough to spin regularly at various events from Richard Parties, Tudor Oaks to Doo At The Old Vic and a few gigs I ran or jointly with Tony Fernandez as well as a pirate radio station called Hardcore FM. I also wrote for a music fanzine called Buzz , produced by Dave Halsall

By the early 2000 I had to sell most of my collection but thankfully recorded much of it but retired from the scene whilst still collecting what I liked with the odd vinyl album but mostly CD’s and later downloads. Fast forward to 2012 at Bournemouth Soul Weekender eating breakfast and catching up with people I hadn’t seen for years, a certain Dr Bob Jones asked me if I was still spinning. I replied no as I had sold my collection but still collected, to which he replied, you should cause you was good and you don’t have to play vinyl these days. He went on to say ‘if anyone should have the cheek to complain about that, tell them to b**er off cause you was there

back in the day and don’t be ashamed’. ‘The music scene had changed and if you have something to say, it doesn’t matter what medium you use’. I took in what he had said but thought nothing more of it till he called me early January the following year and asked me to spin at his 45 And Beyond at the then East Village May 2013. Of course I said yes although I felt nervous, I was pleased on the day and what I played was liked. Since then I have guested on other radio stations, DJ’ed at the Yarmouth Soul Festival, Sunday Soul Blessings, Brighton Beach Party 3 and created my own event called Music Without Labels after an off-air conversation with Graham-Grumpy Brown. The simple concept was based on a question about my musical taste, was it jazz, soul etc and I simple replied, why give it a label, ‘I play it because I like it’.

I am still humbled by the promoters who book me and will continue to play what I like hoping people will buy into it too. This year I am lucky enough to find myself on the bill for Bob Masters Revenge Of The SoulBoy  events and will be DJ’ing at 2 of the Madness Events as well as The Ibiza Soul Week and East Anglian Soul Music Awards as well as the Yarmouth Soul Festival again. I look forward to entertaining you and hope you will listen with an open mind.

You can find my shows on Mixcloud 

Steve Laming

Every Thursday radio show 8pm - 11pm Laming with the Good Stuff on

also check Mixcloud for radio podcasts

Steve began by jointly setting up the legendary Black Velvet Soul and Funk club in 1977 which started as one-off party and then snowballed to 400+ attendances on fortnightly Thursday sessions. Membership grew to over 1200 and a bi-monthly fanzine called Read the Groove was circulated to the membership. Steve established a reputation for playing cutting edge jazz funk, latin, soul and disco, he was breaking a lot of new stuff which would eventually become rare groove. There was real hunger in the early disco/jazz funk clientele and regular coach trips were run to see guys like Crown Heights Affair and Roy Ayers.

Adding various other local venues to form a weekly round of gigs then attracted the attention of London promoters Funky Fox and under their banner he was playing a lot of venues in Portsmouth, Isle of Wight weekenders, and in London as well as promoting regular parties. Sunday night Funky Fox sessions saw Steve and Black Velvet playing alongside the Soul Mafia man Sean French and the legendary Crackers’ own George Power. The DJing covered all-dayers, all-nighters and weekenders as well as promoting parties and gigs. The Portsmouth all nighters drew in over 1500 people and these were often followed with a coach trip to an all dayer. He even promoted the first ever cross-channel funk cruise, the car deck of a cross channel ferry was converted into a club and with guests including Chris Brown and Sean French an alldayer to Cherbourg and back was a duty free dance off! Other ventures saw a young jazz funk DJ named Pete Tong guest at one party above the Crown Bingo in Gosport!

The promoting side brought bands like Players Association, Steel Pulse, Hi Tension to the city and in addition Black Velvet had a two year residency at the now legendary Cabin in Portsmouth. The Cabin was one of the most underground clubs on the circuit holding just 150 people but the music policy ensured the newest and the rarest music was played and the legendary Afro Arts founder and king of the jazz dance scene Paul Murphy was a very special and welcome guest at the club.

Steve played at many now-legendary venues including Upstairs at Erics in Bournemouth Other venues included: Blues in London and had regular residencies in venues including, Floaters in Southampton and the Old Coach House in Fareham.

Over the following 20 years or so Steve really just played the odd party and occasionally re-surfaced in promotions such as Just Jazz.

Steve has worked with good buddy Mick Hood over the years and in the 1980s their Vibes Soul Club venture saw sessions in the Dungeon Club in Fareham which were a legendary blend of rare independent soul and underground jazz and they were often joined by the Northern Soul guru, Shay.

Steve now plays a mix of balearic, disco, deep house, rare groove, funk, NY disco, cosmic disco, soul and latin. Still a manic record buyer he is always launching new tunes sprinkled with some gems from back in the day.

Steve is part of the Southsea underground disco collective Civilisation of the Rough having been introduced by Mick and he likens the COR events as the “nearest thing to the underground buzz of early warehouse parties and the late 70’s and early 80s scene”. COR nights have seen Steve playing alongside Greg Wilson, Bill Brewster, Ashley Beedle, X-press 2, Graeme Park, Leo Zero and Alfredo. With COR Steve has played at the legendary Electric Elephant Festival in Croatia alongside Chez Damier, Derrick May, Francois Kervorkian and MCDE. Many festivals later and the buzz is still very much there.

In addition Steve is part of the Higher Spirit and Spirit of House groups headed by Liane Hanson who promote and play at parties in London with an old school house vibe and played at the now legendary House of the Rising Sun gig in London with a host of house legends including: Victor Simonelli. Trevor Fung, Colin Dale, Terry Farley, Rocky, Lisa Loud, Nancy Noise, Brandon Block and Jazzy M.

Steve was also part of the Med Soul family having played at Med Soul 2010 and Egyptian Soul 2011 and more recently has played at all 3 Hayling Island Soul Weekenders.

On top of this Steve plays at random one off events like the Solar Radio Soul by the Sea in Brighton, Funk for Life in Sheffield, Port Soul, Rare Groove Lovers in London and is happy to spin tunes anywhere and anytime

Steiner Claridge

Steiner Claridge the SOS show Saturday morning 10 til 1 pm U.K. I've been djing for 41 years , it all started at the weed youth centre Newbury. I started borrowing the youth centre citronic Kansas where I did friends party's and small soul gigs. So decided to buy my own kit and running my own events , Langley hall , donnington hall, the welly , mobile discos weddings party's etc The anchor pub copperfeilds , gatzbys , the prancing horse,I also played at the white house for about 14 years where we had bands like the morrissey Mullen band , noel mccalla , I also was dj at silks night club in thatcham.then started running events at a bigger scale dealing with 600 to over a thousand people In the corn exchange Newbury and Newbury college With bob masters , roger Sewell Steiner hence the Berkshire roadshow was formed, where we brought down to these venues the likes of radio1 then Steve wright , dlt Simon bates , Paul Burnett , Greg Edwards , Phil fearon and galaxy, radio Luxembourg Stuart Henry , tony prince. About the last 7 years I've been a dj on red house soul, Bournemouth soulweekender , South Coast soul jam , Ibiza soul week, I've been doing my radio show on a Saturday morning for about the last 6 years , starting at soulstice radio , and the moving across to soulpower My favourite music is 70s soul but I do still like the northern I used to play at the weed . My favourite band is the truly awesome incognito and I Always play one of there chooons every week , If you need to contact me it's [email protected]

Mark 'Whiff' Whiffin

I bought my first 7″ single (Archie Bell and the Drells – Soul City Walk) in 1974 and have been digging the crates both in the UK and across USA for the black stuff ever since, with the racks now holding some 30000 plus pieces.

My early DJing influences were Chris D Smth (lived in Leg End!) and Chris Brown, whilst attending The Rio, Belvedere, Royalty and Caister etc events. My 1st gig was in Newbury in 1980, and I continue to run the regular Redhousesoul event (which is now in its 20th year) in the local area.

My Sunday evening ‘Vinyl Preservation Society’ Radio Show (8 -10pm) on Soulpower Radio  will amazingly hit its year 6 birthday  in November 2015. Here I play Soul, Jazz and a bit of Latin.

Top Artists include David Ruffin, Lou Rawls, The Crusaders, Mario Biondi, Bobbi Humphreys, Johnny Taylor, John Klemmer, Poncho Sanchez, The Dells and Nicola Conte.

A regular spinner of choonz on Rio Reunion Gigs, and Campsoul I love the sight of people enjoying my selections both live and via feedback in the chatroom

And facelessbook mediums.

Currently working with Shaun Gallagher, originator of Soulpower-Radio, and Andy Coles on a new Luxury Soul/Jazz event at Wokefield Park in the Berkshire

Countryside which will launch with a number of SoulPower presenters and Live Acts in February 2016.

For all information on this event, please click the link below.

Mark Blee

Mark’s love affair with music began digging through his parent’s record collection and discovering Motown/Atlantic/Stax etc and his Dad’s copy of Geno Washington & the Ram Jam Band - Hand Clappin' Foot Stompin' Funky-Butt ... Live, which is now in Mark’s collection!
As the piggy bank grew fatter Mark started investing his pocket money & paper round money in music. A lot of his vinyl was sold in the late 80’s to spend on the new fangled technology called Compact Discs.
Over the years Mark’s taste in black music has embraced everything from Hip Hop to Northern to House and all points in between.
Marks’ broadcasting career began as a guest on Jamie Taylor’s Dancefloor Grooves in The Shire on Banbury Internet Radio, leading him to bluff, blag and ‘bullshine’ his way to getting his own show under the tutelage of Jamie in 2009.
After gaining experience Mark was asked to join Classic Soul Radio in 2011 where he stayed for 12 months before Shaun Gallagher asked Mark to join Soulpower Radio where he went full circle and found himself presenting his show on a Saturday afternoon alongside Jamie Taylor.
Mark’s shows had always embraced all aspects of ‘Dance’ music including jazz but after spending 2 weeks laid on a sun lounger listening to numerous jazz podcasts he found himself hearing jazz with different ears which led him to discover more & more jazz which has now become his musical passion.
Mark is often found at various jazz gigs/clubs stood on the side as his dance moves looks like he’s trying to kick starting a motorbike!!!! But on the odd occasion he parks the bike up and ventures behind the decks to play a few choice jazz cuts!
Join Mark every Monday night at 6pm where he kicks off the Monday Jazz Club on Soulpower Radio with Movin’ On! When he plays 2 hours of jazz selections from the collection!

Find Mark’s shows at
Contact Mark at [email protected]

Andrew Neal

Music resonated around the family home since i can remember.. Being the youngest with four sisters and a brother, boy i realise now they liked some nonesense.. The Osmond chap, Thin Lizzy, and it goes on.. I thank them now for helping me make my choice in musical taste.. The youth club scene was were i found my roots, the northern soul, Motown, disco, funk, and all that stuff.. But i wanted to be the guy who played.. So at sixteen invested in a Fal 50 disco unit. And i was away.. Got my first residency in the badger bars Bournemouth in Jensons.. Soon went on to work the club circuit in and around Bournemouth and along the coast and inland.. Playing soul jazz/funk.. And so it went, and ended up in club and pub management.. Through personal circumstances i fell out of the music scene regrettably about six years ago.. 2 years ago i came across a radio station channel hopping playing soul and jazz.. Bit me right away. Hadn't realised how much i had missed the music l loved.. By chance during this time came across a DJ i worked with 30 years ago organising a soul night. We hooked up. Enter Mr Grant Fisher. We all did a few gigs together.. I hit a chord with Grant. A mutual respect and love of the music.. A saturday morning invite to his house ended with an invite to join the DJing team at Soulpower Radio.. I love the guys here, its a team effort with great banter, where its all about the music and not the egos. Really grateful to be part of and being able to play the music i love and relay it to you lovely soul people. One Love!

Contact Andrew at

[email protected]

Find Andrews shows at

Phil Spreadbury (picture Marc Lewis) 

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Paul “Dymond Geezer”

…..been on a massive learning curve regards Dj-ing, is that even a term? presenting and broadcasting since being thrust into the limelight by Steiner/Graham B & Ian Bourne back in ’09.

But of course it didn’t all start there, way back in me early teens it was a love of Ska or fairground music as we called it that whet my appetite for this thing I call “My Music”

As a punter of a certain age from the town of Reading I enjoyed all the delights offered on the Soul scene from the mid Seventies through to the mid Eighties….if you were there, you would know or so the song goes!

After a long break away from the scene but still keeping an ear on what I liked, I was contacted by an old friend who was playing out regularly and I was asked to “come and have a go on the decks” as this was something I had always wanted to do I jumped at the opportunity, now after having the pleasure of playing alongside most all of the Shire based DJs at local gigs, setting up Fleet Soul Nights, playing at Camp Soul & The Cotswold Weekender, and then broadcasting for the past three years on Soulstice Radio I know I made the right choice.

I can honestly say that playing and sharing “My Music” is a thing I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to sharing with you guys every Thursday 6-8 on

Contact: [email protected]

Twitter: @dymondgeezer

Facebook: Paul Dymond